K Classic Options

Krieghoff CLASSIC Options

No matter what configuration, the heart of the Classic, the action, is always the same. With the choice of interchangeable barrels in different calibers, the Classic is universally useful for any kind of hunting, whether in standard or "Big Five" calibers or as side-by-side shotgun.

Two designs of stocks available
The robust "Big Five" stock and the slimmer Classic Standard stock.


You can dress up your Classic double rifle with optional wood upgrades from special select mid-grades to deluxe grades of best quality Turkish walnut. Many engraving patterns are available to suit your taste. Samples can be seen at "Classic Engravings".
Optional sights are available which can be factory ordered or installed by Krieghoff International's in-house specialists at any time. View details at "Optics/Sights".

Protect your valuable Classic with an optional, custom fitted, aluminum hardcase. We have cases available that hold a single gun or a multi-barrel set with scope.
The installation of a BreaKO recoil reducer in the buttstock is recommended in the heaviest of the big bore calibers. In addition to a noticeable reduction in recoil, the weight of the BreaKO unit (14 oz) offsets the added weight of the big bore barrel and brings the CLASSIC "Big Five" into perfect balance.