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  • All is great. Thank you for the quick turnaround on the set up and fit.  Sure do appreciate the effort.

  • Audrey & Chris, I just picked up my new K-80 from my FFL and I'm more impressed and thrilled than I thought I would be. Thank you both once again for making this purchase very special. Good health  and happiness to you both in the future. .........PS Thank you for the ball cap!

  • Can’t thank you guys enough for your patience with me. Just got a chance to play with my guns and could not be happier.

    Jeff C.
  • Chris, I received my gun today and  I really like the wood you picked. I certaintly apprecipate you taking the time to find the type of wood that I would like.  I keep telling the people I shoot with that if they ever want to buy a Kreigroff that should see you. Thanks for your time and effort.

  • Chris, it got here in the early delivery and looks fantastic.  Almost more importantly seems to fit perfectly and better then the Pro Sporter.  I have no excuses now except lack of effort or talent.  Thank you.   You will be the first person I go to when I need/want another gun.

    Mike E.
  • Chris, thanks again for the great job.  The gun is gorgeous and I get a lot of compliments.  Larry L

    Larry L.

  • First I want to say thank you to both of you. Both guns I purchased are great.  RM

  • Good morning, I am getting very excited about my K80. Would you please send me  the tracking number as soon as you ship. I appreciate everything you have done for me, you truly are a wonderful, professional and very friendly individual. I am pleased that I have chosen the best.

  • Great – how can you not be happy with a K80 and the attention to detail and knowledge that Chris provides?  I came to him because he does more than simply sell you a gun like many gun shops.

  • Great service look forward to next gun 

  • Hello, I just received the barrel and it looks great. Thank you for the great customer service, I truly appreciate it 

  • I am dropping this note to say what a pleasant experience it was to purchase my new K-80 from Clay Target Sports.  On my first visit, you had much to do to prepare for your trip to a big shoot the next day.  Still, you took two hours to show me all the possibilities and never once did you rush me or give me the impression you had your attention focused on anything but my interests.  Showing genuine interest in others is a rare trait in today's business world.

    Denny B
  • I am very satisfied with the work that was performed and will be a repeat customer.

    Fred L.
  • I LOVE the gun, and can't wait to shoot it this weekend.

  • I love you guys!

    George H.
  • I must tell you though, after we did a little comparing of notes on you and Chris, Craig and I are in complete agreement..... I guess since you guys provide such great service and are genuinely a great pleasure to deal with that we'll probably have to just keep on doing business with you guys.

  • I particularly want to mention again how  helpful Chris was to me and my friends.  He treats his customers like royalty.

    Don C
  • I picked up my new K-80 yesterday and it really looks and feels great!  Thank you very much for taking such an interest in providing me with a beautiful gun that hopefully fits my desires well.

  • I really appreciate everything that you and Chris have done for me, my hat is off to you and Chris.

  • I thank you again for the professional manner with which you both have worked with me during the original purchase and in subsequent follow-ups.  Like I told Braxton Newman at the Grand earlier this year, not only was Clay Target Sports a pleasure to deal with and that I would buy from you again, but that you prepresent the Krieghoff company and all things professional attached to their name.

    Ron L.
  • I want you to know that I am very pleased with the way I was treated when I visited your shop.  Yours was the fourth place I visited and the first where I was treated like a valued customer.

    Eric G
  • I wanted to drop you a little note to thank you for your time and effirt.  I have bought many guns in the past including another Krieghoff.  I have never been treated so well.  This is the first gun I own that truly feels like it belongs in my hands.

    John B
  • I wanted to give you some feedback on the K80.  The gun looks really nice and I am pleased with the wood. Audrey, thanks for helping me with the wood, you do a great job with digital e-mail pictures, they are not easy, I know I have tried. Most important the gun fits great.

  • I wanted to thank you for the subject matter expertise and smooth sailing that I received from each of you, couldn’t have been more of a pleasure.

    Scott S.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with you and your staff for enabling me to really enjoy the recent purchase of my Krieghoff K-80.  In this day of big promises and little action, you delivered on all aspects of our telephone conversations prior to my arriving at your shop.  Your intense personal attention to stock fitting and selection, basic maintenance information and other aspects of owning a new firearm did not go unnoticed and was appreciated.

    Frank C.
  • I would like to thank you for all your attention and patience. It was a pleasure to do business with you & your company. This is something I’ve been saving for and planning for a very long time. You made the whole process a joy; I can’t wait to shoot my new K-80 this coming weekend. Kim and I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

  • I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort with me. I am very satisfied with our dealings. It was a memorable experience to say the least. It is no wonder why you folks are and will continue to be successful. I'm quite sure you will be seeing more of my friends.

  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new gun.  i was ready to quit shooting because my face was sore all the time and my confidence was zero.  You changed all of that.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time and patience you gave me.  I will always be grateful to you.

    Judy C.
  • K-32 received.  Looks and feels nice and tight.

    Bill S.
  • Received the K-80 today and shot 200 targets.  The second hundred broke an 80 on a tough course with a lot of wind.  The high score was an 86 shot by a Master Class shooter.  I have not shot an 80 on this course for 10 years.  Needless to say I like it.  Gun handled really well and worked fine.  A flawless transaction.  Thank you very much.  Wish I had bought one years ago.

    Joe P.
  • Thank you for your excellent service and great workmanship, both of which are hard to find these days.

    Raymond B
  • Thank you very much for spending so much time with me today. You all made it a great experience. Thank you,

    Joe P.
  • Thanks again for a great buying experience and keep me on the list for when the fixed choke Pro Sporter barrels come out.  I'll be in the market for carrier barrels by then. 

    Dave M.
  • Thanks for the excellent work!

    Bill O.
  • The fit on the gun is great.  I have never shot consistent 25's, but am doing it now!

    Jerry S
  • This is a beautiful gun and Clay Target Sports is absolutely first rate.  I am more than pleased with your workmanship.

  • We just arrived back home today. Enjoyed very much meeting both of you and appreciate the time spent with us.

  • Well the stock fit like a glove Thank you for that. Shot it at the pattern board shot dead flat and dead on.

  • Well when I spoke to you at the PA state shoot I was very happy with my Krieghoff purchase, due to the events recently , I'm EXCITED! I won My Class resident high all around at the Pa state shoot, and recently I broke my first 100 STRAIGHT. I am sure there are many more things ahead in my trapshooting future. THANK YOU for a great shotgun, and even greater fit, and for your being serious about what you do! 

  • Heres a Little note to let you know Im really enjoying my Krieghoff Trap Special, Im in the 20s most of the time, the gun is really beautiful on its own, and with the addition of the 2 gold targets I added, its outstanding.On my first year checkover, Im going to add more gold,  We havent had too much good weather these past months, I know with good weather up-coming, Im sure to bang out 25s, most of the time, hopefully. Thank you again for your personal attention to me with my purchase, looking forward to seeing you both again

  • Hi Audrey/Chris,just returned from Rochester & I have my new K80, & it's a beauty!! Thankyou both for your courtsey & assistance with this purchase.Will put the new gun to the test in a few weeks as I am off to the Rhino Cup & Seminole Cup on Feb 12th to 21st in  Florida.Sincerely...

  • I just picked up my new K-80.  Chris, you did an excellent job with my gun.  The wood and the engraving are outstanding!

  • I just wanted you to know I am very pleased with the promptness and the quality of the work you did. A very satisfied customer!!!!!!!

  • I love it.. shot my first straight in years! 

  • I recieved the K80 safe and sound and I am very pleased.The extra effort in packaging is appreciated and the wood is exceptionally nice.I hope to contact you in the near future about the purchase of the unsingle.Thanks again,

  • I shoot the gun well -- it fits perfectly. Just have to get accustomed to the faster trigger, etc.

  • I shot with RB on sat. and he is very pleased with the service you gave him. I had the opportunity to use the K-80 you set-up for me this weekend.    It functioned flawlessly and as you predicted...sootballs at 16!!!, pretty convincing breaks at 24.5 too. Thanks for the workmanship.  I'm pleased with the results.

  • Just got my gun today. It's gorgeous! Can't wait to shoot it!!

  • My son is very happy with the new Krieghoff !!!  Last Sunday he Won the Singles Champion, Handicap Champion, & Junior Champion in Doubles at the ATA Shoot in Ada, OK !  The New Gun gave him lots of confidence and pride, it was the best money I've ever spent !!!!  He has gotten so many compliments on it & how nice the wood is!!! 

  • Picked up my K-80 today.   It's absolutely beautiful!!  Thanks for the great job on the wood and the attention to detail.

  • Picked up the new K80 on Friday night.  Just a beautiful gun!  Wood redo was outstanding.

  • Received check today .thanks again .when I am in market for a new k-80 I will be in touch ! .I will recommend you guys to anybody looking for one too .it is really nice to do business with people who stick to there word . I believe in trust & people of quality word. thanks again

  • Thank you both so much for all the help in getting and fitting the K-80.   It was well worth the effort to fly out there to meet you both and to get the benefit of your professional  expertise--now I'm really eager to get the finished product! 

  • Thank you so much for the titanium chokes.  It is a very generious gift that is not taken lightly.  You have my continued support and continued referrals.  Thanks Again to a first class operation,

  • The barrels got here tonight and arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks for the deal and for packing the barrels so well.

  • The gun is a much better fit.  Now, if I can only learn to shoot it 25.  If ever I can be a  reference for you, I will be happy to do so.

  • You have always treated me well with regard to service, value and courteousness.  Somehow you have always managed to come through when I knew you were jammed.  You are a true professional.

    Greg B
  • You have the right personality for the business you are in.  I feel very comfortable working with you.

    Pete L
  • You will not believe it but I had a line outside of my house last night of neighbors wanting to see the gun.  They all agree it is too great to shoot, but I will shoot it anyway and just take great care of it.  It is awesome and I hope you guys get more business because of it. Thanks again you guys are great.

    John H.